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Coffee and me – Day 4/31 of #blogeverydamnday

Written while sipping a homemade cold brew, Normcore’s Damn Good Blend

These days I drink between 1-3 coffees a day, depending on when I get up, how motivated I need to be, what the weather is like…and yet I only started drinking coffee in 2014

How it went:

2014 – started uni and occasionally would drink mochas but anything more than that was too much for me

2015 – started working casually at an eCommerce company, and got into soy flat whites from Sonoma; the neutral blend and reason to go for coffee breaks made me drink it at least once a day

2017 – started working full time at a company that had a coffee machine on site; I started making my own coffee and would occasionally have a second one-shot coffee in the afternoon

2018 – started drinking cold brew after a late afternoon coffee stop in Pyrmont; my first cold brew had a bit of milk mixed in it but later I found out I preferred it WITHOUT the milk. Quickly became my drink of choice during summer!

2020 – I started having three coffees a day to break up my day during WFH, and briefly also would be generally drinking large coffees. Pulled back from that habit pretty quickly

2021 – tried batch brew at a new local cafe, found it nice when I wanted a hot coffee but without the milk (I still can’t stand long blacks)


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